Fees & Procedure

"An oil painting is a wonderful way to immortalize a fleeting moment of youth or to crown a distinguished life."

For more information and prices, please contact David Fairrington.
Call: (951) 966-6800 or e-mail fairrington@verizon.net


My Technique does not require hours of sitting, which is not possible of a busy person. I will meet with the client once or twice, learning a little about them in the process of posing, chatting and observing their surroundings and mannerisms. I take 100 to 300 pictures as we move about from from various settings and different poses and lighting. (All photographs will be turned over to the client after the painting is done.) We discuss clothing, background, size, where the portrait will be displayed, etc. I use that information to prepare ideas for the overall look of the painting, and then discuss them with the client. Once we have the basic idea established, I begin to paint, using a combination of different photographs as reference. I feel this way I can capture just the right setting, expression and pose. The client will be kept up to date throughout the progress of the painting.