David Fairrington's work is in the following collections


Alva’s Performance Academy collection, San Pedro, CA
Artisan Films, Santa Monica, CA
Blocker Academy of Martial Arts collection, Palos Verdes, CA
City of Angels Ballet collection, Los Angeles, CA
Columbia Pictures, Burbank, CA
Gilda’s Club collection, Cathedral City, CA
Global Animation, Santa Monica, CA
IMAX, Santa Monica, CA
Long Beach Ballet Company collection, Long Beach, CA
Los Angeles Police Dept collection, Los Angeles, CA
Malibu Ballet Company collection, Malibu, CA
Malki Museum, Morongo Reservation, Banning, CA
MGM, Santa Monica, CA
Moondog Family Resturants, Beaumont, CA
Newell’s Nurseries, Yucaipa, CA
Paramount Pictures, Santa Monica, CA
Playboy Jazz Festival collection, Los Angeles, CA
San Pedro Historical Society, San Pedro, CA
Sony Pictures, Culver City, CA
Spectrum Studios, Santa Monica, CA
The Adderley School of Performing Arts, Pacific Palisades, CA
U.S. Army Center of Military History, Washington, D.C.
Universal Pictures, Universal City, CA
Walt Disney Studios , Burbank, CA
Warner Bros Studios, Burbank, CA
Westside Ballet Academy, Santa Monica, CA


Alan Lowenstein collection, Long Beach, CA
Anthony & Stephanie Bassanelli, Rancho Mirage, CA
Arna Vodenos collection, Los Angeles, CA
Berry & Laura Bruder collection, Santa Monica, CA
Bill & Concie Bringas family, Valencia, CA
Brendan Keegan collection, Los Angeles, CA
Buddy Polser collection , Dallas, TX
Burt & Renee Weiss collection, Miami Beach, FL
Chris Ito collection, Santa Monica, CA
David Forbes collection, Los Angeles, CA
David Norton collection, Malibu, CA
David Pearlman collection, Boston, MA
David Peterson collection, Torrance, CA
Debbie Felker collection, San Pedro, CA
Dennis DePitro collection, Los Angeles, CA
Diane Cooper collection, Rock Creek, OH
Don & Debra Terrell collection, Palos Verdes Estates, CA
Don & Mary Harrell collection, Los Angeles, CA
Donald & Tracy Banks collection, San Francisco, CA
Donna Wong family, San Francisco, CA
Dorcas P. Greene, CT
Ernest & June Siva, Banning, CA
Ewa Marchiondo collection, Manhattan Beach, CA
Fred Lueckfeld. Honolulu, HI
Gia Weisdorns collection, Malibu, CA
Inger Miller collection, Pasadena, CA
Jack & Geri Pearlman collection, West Hills, CA
James Rosenberg collection, Tujunga, CA
Janice Hahn collection, San Pedro, CA
Jason Wolfram, Banning, CA
Jeanne Carmen collection, Laguna Beach, CA
Jerry & Carolyn Cape, Yucaipa, CA
Jim & Caroline Marshall collection, Boise, ID
Jim & Melissa Martin collection, San Francisco, CA
Jim & Suzanne Daues collection, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Jim & Valerie Addas collection, Pacific Palisades, CA
Joan Borinstein collection, Los Angeles, CA
Joe & Martha McKenzie collection, Santa Monica, CA
Joe & Sue Mundi collection, Fountain Valley, CA
Joel Rosenthal collection, Sacramento, CA
John Lewis collection, Anaheim, CA
John McEnroe collection, New York, NY
Jon & Sandy Jacobson collection, Los Angeles, CA
Jon Peters collection, Brentwood, CA
Jorge & Dorothy Anibarro collection, Burbank, CA
Julie Black collection, Santa Monica, CA
Ken & Carleen Kikugawa collection, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Kenneth M Schnable, Cherry Valley, CA
Largo Woodruff collection, Oak Park, CA
Leslie Kavnaugh collection, Los Angeles, CA
Lisa Lobito collection, Los Angeles, CA
Mark & Addie Van Gessel collection, Venice, CA
Mark Willoughby collection, Hollywood, CA
Matt Lincir collection, San Pedro, CA
Melody Newell & Bill Funk, Redlands, CA
Michael & Michelle Veyette collection, Seal Beach, CA
Michael Kozoll collection, Santa Monica, CA
Mike & Annette Karim collection, Fresno, CA
Mildred Farmer collection, Los Angeles, CA
Nancy Thomsen collection, Palm Springs, CA
Nicole Schwartz collection, New York, NY
Oliver Oliveros collection, Torrance, CA
Paula & Don Christante, Cherry Valley, CA
Paula Hill, Beaumont, CA
Pat Fierro collection, Torrance, CA
Patricia Sheehan collection, Marina Del Rey, CA
Paul Rosenthal collection, Auburn, CA
Paul & Donna Burton, Yucaipa, CA
Paul & Robin McDonnell, Riverside, CA
Ralph & Eileen Horowitz collection, Los Angeles, CA
Richard & Ming Yu Chun collection, Los Angeles, CA
Rita Johnstone collection, San Francisco, CA
Robin Muraoka collection, Manhattan Beach, CA
Robin Banacki collection, Los Angeles, CA
Rose Hiersche, Banning, CA
Scott DeWinkeleer collection, Sherman Oaks, CA
Sharon Kagan collection, Los Angeles, CA
Sherri O’Brien collection, Sherman Oaks, CA
Shirley Richards collection, San Pedro, CA
Sidney Williams collection, Santa Monica, CA
Steven L. Fiske collection, Venice, CA
Sylvia Galindo collection, Los Angeles, CA
Tami Masuda collection, Honolulu, HI
Teri Chang collection, Seal Beach, CA
Theo Corrigan collection, Malibu, CA
Todd Rosenthal collection, Sacramento, CA
Vendalla collection, Stockholm, Sweden
Walter F. Rylant collection, Las Vegas, Nevada
William Bratton collection, Los Angeles, CA